Savour the Taste of “Ichidagaki”

Characteristics of “Ichidagaki”

“Ichidagaki” is full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and polyphenol with no cholesterol. Furthermore it does not contain any allergic substances that are mandatory to display if contained by the Food Sanitation Act.
The fine small sized” Ichidagaki” is coated with very fine white powder that is formed by the crystallization of glucose which is the natural sweetness that the fruit naturally has. It is possible to taste the natural tender sweetness nature creates. The dried fruit is a rich candy colour with smooth texture gives the right touch.


To Enjoy “Ichidagaki”

Try consuming “Ichidagaki” as soon as possible to experience the full flavour. When stored in a warm place or in direct sunlight the power may melt. To prevent this, please store it in a cool location away from sunlight or in refrigeration. Please store likewise for home consumption.

Try eating it cold. “Ichidagaki” will taste sweeter if cooled for a few hours before eating. There is a possibility that the persimmon may have black dots but it is tannin and polyphenol so it is harmless.

The persimmons may contain seeds so please be careful. In the Nanshin area the dried persimmons that contains seeds are considered to bring good luck.