Regional Brand

Gained regional collective trademark

 Brand name Ichidagaki (Ichida-persimmon)
 Registry number No. 5002123
 Designated goods Dried persimmons made in Iida-city,and Shimo-ina ,Nagano-pref.
 Date of registration November 10, 2006. (Heisei 18th year)
 Right holder Minami Shinshu Agricultural Cooperative
Shimo-ina Horticulture and Agriculture Cooperative

Motivational Factor

Rich in fibre with subtle sweetness and easy to eat size has made the Ichidagaki increasingly popular. However it created the market for Chinese made dried persimmons. Although this was a proof of Ichidagaki gaining popularity, the existence of the Chinese version will give the brand a negative image and could potentially be damaging. These were the reasons for the local administrations and the sellers to unite to protect the brand.

“Ichidagaki” Branding Preparation

In 2005 the local government hosted “Ichidagaki Shinkou Kondan Kai” to consider the branding of Ichidagaki, followed by a seminar conducted by a patent attorney. Making a combined request between the representatives of Minami Shinshu Nougyou Kyoudou Kumia and Shimoina Engei Nougyou Kumiai to the patent attorney and got on with the application work.

"Ichidagaki" Branding Maintenance

Along with gaining the regional collective trademark we also have created Ichidagaki
Shouhyou Touroku Kanri Iinkai. Also to maintain and better the brand of Ichidagaki, those involved in the farming shipping and the sales (those who are eligible to use the trademark for business purposes) are to establish a relationship and founded Ichidagaki Burando Suishin Kyoukai.

Ichidagaki Shouhyou Touroku Kanri Iinkai deals with the application form from those wishing to work with the trademark. Based on the guidelines set by the trademark we examine the eligibility by paperwork and office checks. Once they are met we move forward for the use of the trademark/branding.

Ichidagaki Burando Suishin Kyoukai hosts training seminars twice a year to maintain and improve quality, hygiene standards for processed foods and consciousness as a brand. To enforce the standards to those involved making hygiene manuals and hygiene check sheets to hand out every year.

As a brand, to continuously only ship products that satisfies certain levels of quality as Ichidagaki. This has led to hosting the Ichidagaki Contest to give incentives for the producers to improve their quality.

Brand Development

To appeal to the consumers as an independent brand we have made regional collective trademarked logos and applied them to the products that satisfy the standards of Ichidagaki. Making posters and leaflets to appeal to individual consumers through retailers. Furthermore whilst selling products overseas we prepared to apply for a trademark in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and successfully acquired the trademark in July 2010.