The History of “Ichidagaki”


A fine dried persimmon made by the climate of Minami-Shinshu

“Ichidagaki” was found in the long history of harvesting astringent persimmons in this region. It is said to date back as far as 500 years ago. “Ichidagaki” gained its name from Ichida, a place located in Takamori town of Shimoina District, Nagano Prefecture formerly known as Ichida Village. The branding began in 1921 when the farmers branded the dried persimmons as ‘Ichidagaki’ and sold them to markets in Tokyo Nagoya and Osaka.

Making Ichidagaki

Minami Shinshu is surrounded by the Central and Southern Japanese Alps that form a basin. People live on the valleys formed by River Tenryu, which flows from the north to the south. The high quality of “Ichidagaki” originated in the distinctive characteristics of the basin where the temperature difference is large and the right amount of moisture the river brings drying the fruit slowly.